Blackhawk Sandblasting & Coating

Tanker after sandblasting

Blackhawk Sandblasting and Coating is now the ideal solution for your equipment in Central Kansas. No longer do you need to drive to one place for blasting, pick up, then transport to another for coating. With Blackhawk Sandblasting and Coating you can have it all done faster, better and in one place. We have the equipment to tackle absolutely anything. Any material, any size, in any configuration.

Blackhawk Sandblasting and Coating Features:

  • 60'x120' Shop
  • Full Sandblasting Services
  • Tnemec Tank Armor 390/391 Coating
  • Graco XP70 Proportioned System

Just like his girls at home who think that he can fix anything, Scott has become the man to call for more than just welding issues in this area by several of our customers. From figuring out issues on a drilling rig location, to new truck rig ups, to code services, Scott is the one to call.

Prepping tank

Coating - Before, During, and After

Tanker During Coating Tanker During Coating
Tanker During Coating Tanker During Coating
Prep Work Prep Work
Prep Work Prep Work
Tanker Before Coating Tanker Before Coating
Tanker After Coating Tanker After Coating
Pumping Unit Pumping Unit
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