Duck Blinds

Duck Blinds
Duck Blinds
Coated inside and out to prevent rust
Duck Blinds
Room for everything!

Scott's Welding's custom duck blinds are the ultimate hunting solution. Made from tough and durable 10 gauge steel and coated inside and out to prevent rust, this duck blind will be around long after we're all gone.

At 16 feet long you'll have room for your whole party. There's space for heat at your feet and ample storage located behind you as you sit. This configuration features TWO 2 ft. dog boxes, and shelf to keep all your ammo and essentials at your fingertips at all times.

Storage doors are easily swapped out with swing doors which you can camouflage to fool even the most suspicious fowl. Interlocking storage doors stay securely in place to make offseason cleanup almost non-existent!

These duck blinds feature stiffeners on the sides to prevent collapse and two high strength lifting hooks.

Call Scott's Welding and ask about their Duck Blinds, if you're ready for a whole new kind of hunting experience.

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